Whomst've there?

My name is

Ernesto Avila

I like dank memes.

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The Fallout games are pretty good imo. If you disagree well then oh well I don't really care. I also like Rick and Morty, but I've liked since before everyone suddenly started liking the show this summer. Along with most other weird Adult Swim shows.


The Air Jordan 11s are probably my most favorite Jordan model of all times. You can't go wrong with any pair of 11s. But I also like a lot the 1s, 3s, 4s, 6s, and 12s.

Y'all should visit my beach and my resort.

I also love sunsets very much, I usually take pictures of the sunset and post them on snapchat, unless for some reason I can't take a picture of it or I think its not worthy of.