Hello my good friends, my name is Melinda.

All About Me

I like playing piano, singing, and painting. I love art in general.
Recently, I've just applied to a shoe customizer company, and I got accepted! YAY! I will basically start my own little business!
I love Fire Wings and Cajun Madness. Even though I look at the food menu, I always get the same thing.
Just a few days ago, I started working out. Atleast an hour each day, and it is super tiring because I am so out of shape ;(
My favorite color is mauve. I have a hamster and he looks like a rat, but still cute. His name is Damn Daniel and he really likes cheerios.
But cats are my favorite pet.

This is my hamster when I got him vs my hamster after a week


If you are desperate enough, my Brother will lead you to my familia.