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Hello! Welcome to an anime/manga weeb's page! My name is:

Meng Chang

As a Senior at Luther Burbank, I'm one of my school's greatest weebs! I feel no shame at all loving anime, manga and video games. In fact, I feel proud to love something so virtual and disconnected from reality. I don't bear hatred towards modern society's so-called "normal" person. And in actuality, no one is "normal". EVERYONE is WEIRD in their own way(s) :)

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One of my favorite anime quotes

"Mousugu, haru ga kuru. Kimi ni de ata, haru ga kuru. Kimi ga inai, haru ga kuru"
"Spring will be here soon. Spring, the season I met you, is coming. A spring without you...is coming"
-Arima Kousei