Oh Wise One

Welcome to my kingdom.I am Lord Belcalis Almenzar Loral.
Or in short, I am Alex Lor. Though I am High King of Miel Please dont treat me as the king, but as a friend.

Thy Royalty

I love to play video games, but you may not know what that is because it has not been developed in this time line.
I also like watching anime and many different netflix shows.
I have a passion for dancing and drawing. My favorite food is Asian Food. Nothing beats it.
I love to watch a lot of fantasy shows, play fantasy games, and draw fantasy things.
One thing I cannot live without is my magical futuristic device called the cellphone.
I also love music. all kinds of music, such as country music, hip hop, rnb, pop, and some rock music.
But I dispise any kind of metal type music.