My Name Is

Julian Benjamin Quintero

Facts About Me

A fact about me is how I love art. I mainly appreciate drawing anime, and I sometimes watch anime. I've seen so many off them that I can't even remember the exact number of them I've seen. If I was asked which was my favorite anime, it would have to be either "Angel Beats" or "Kenichi The Mightiest Diciple". I say I like to draw anime, but I don't draw so often or as much as i used to when i first started to grow a liking to anime. Basically, I occasionally draw now, or when I have a strong passion too. I also enjoy to play a few video games on my Playstation Four. The games i play on the system are: Destiny, Destiny 2, Warframe, Battlefield 4, and Battlefield 1. If I was asked from one out of those four games were my favorite. it would definitly have to be Destiny 2, but i enjoy playing Battlefield 4 and 1 when i grow tired of Destiny 2. I'm quite sadden about the fact that most people don't appreciate the qualtiy of destiny 2, becuase i believe it's a great game. I can agree about that terms of "destiny being trash".