Achiyo Valles

What up Invaders!!!, its Achiyo Kensai Valles. Btw, very cool picture up top

About me- The True Invader King

Hello. Currently I am a senior is Luther Burbank Highschool.
I am 17 years old and not single nor am i ready to mingle.
I am a surprising mix of Hmong and Mexican. And no, I can bareky speak either languages
Despite the common thinking showing otherwise, I'm actually a decent hieght
Well im still short, but for being hmong and my dad being a short 5'6, im a shocking
5'7-5'8. I know, impressive
Okay so i like anime. im not a huuuuge fan, but i do enjoy occasionally binging some shows.
Right now I'm watching Dr.Stone, FireForce,DanMachi2
Oh, I dance for my highschools team. Yes,
I can bust it down like Thotiana
And yeah thats all you need to know about me
bye bye
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