What's New?

This is my philosophy class. It is our third day back to school and also my birthday!
Today, we are learning how to create our very own website page.
Here are some things that I enjoy: Video games, sports, music, makeup, and food

Video games:

Basically, I can play with any console. I had an X-Box 1 until it was taken, now I'm stuck with a Playstation 3.
My top three games I love are any COD, Fortnite (obviously), and GTA V.


I have played the same three sports for three years and then stopped. They were volleyball, basketball, and soccer.
I am still very competetive, but sadly less passionate. It has been something I was committed to. I bet if a random sports was thrown at me with the rules,
my team and I would always come in first place. Haha.


Something I can not live without is music! I listen to it all day every day. Usually, if I'm bored and up to nothing I'd jot down some lyrics that come to mind.
I have a fully finished freestyle and a couple of unfinished raps. It's only for fun though so there might be a chance I might not get back to it.
I can listen to many types of genre, ranging from country to hip-hop to R&B and foreign music.


I remember beginning to apply makeup all by myself in the 6th grade. It would be mascara and I couldn't go without it! Now I'm older and LOVE false lashes.


My favorite food would have to be sushi. It is very expensive so I could only go sometimes haha. In my soysause I also add in ginger and wasabi.

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