I am the most amazing unicorn alive, May, MMVPD is my initials and May is my middle name. I love food, I love clean spaces which means I LIKE cleaning. I am full of colorful rainbows which brings out the smiles on my friends faces. I am loved by them, and I don't care if people don't love me. Hate me? Get in line and wait until I care.
I am quite a lonely unicorn, I only have myself. When I am by myself, I love learning new things by what I study. You could say I am a knowledgeable unicorn.
Not many unicorns are knowledgeable so you could say I am quite a special unicorn. I am special for my knowledge, for my language, and for my height. I am really short compared to other unicorns, but that doesn't stop me from being the best. I just love myself.
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