Class of 2020.

Hello, I am currently a senior in High School.
A proud note to us Seniors. Although we haven't graduate quite yet, but we have survived atleast 3 (maybe 4) long years of the same school.
To that I say congrats to us Seniors, the class of 2020.
Now who am I?... honestly I dont know. But there are stuff that I do quite enjoy myself.
There are things that I like though such as sleeping, music, Winter (NOT SUMMER!), and exploring places with friends.

Senior Pictures

My picture day was yesterday. I thought my hair was going to be nice, but sadly it wasn't.
The girl said that she'll fix my hair but she didn't! She touched my hair without fixing it.
In my picture, you can see a strand of hair sticking out. It was soo annoying.
Last year, my hair was nice but my face didn't look human. But this year my hair is messy while my face look human.
Its just soo sad. Alot of people are upset about their pictures too. Some people argued to retake their pictures again. Crazy. But whatever, not my problem.
I rate this year picture day, 2/5 stars. The only thing that makes it a 2 is the free transportation for the bus and light rails.
Best Season?
Are you tired?