About the Battleshp Yamato by Ying Yang

The Yamato

The Yamato is the Biggest Battleship of WW2. It was bulit by the Imperial Japanese naval in 1941.
It served as the flagship of the Navy, and has the biggest caliber cannons at 460mm,
while the standard was 406mm! Sadly the Yamato's guns were rarely used as the Imperial Naval did not
want to lose their most prized ship! The Yamato was comissioned in 1941, and
was sunk on April 7 1945 after being hit 12 bombs and 7 torpedoes despite the Yamato's
impressive armor belt of 410mm. Of the 3,332 crew only 276 survivied!
It was Built to be bigger and stronger than US Battleships! But
The war had changed as it showed CV or Aircraft Carriers were the next step in warfare,
no longer was it BIG SHIP, THICK ARMOR, and BIG GUNS! But how far you can lauch Aircraft from the
CV's deck.
The Yamato had a inefficient Anit-Air defences as the Japanese AA guns were often inaccurate
and lacked the power and range to take down the US Late War planes, such as the Helldiver and Avenger
planes. Thus why the Yamato sunk due to a Aircraft attack, not a battleship vs battleship combat