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George Vang

About me

My name is George Vang, I'm a highschooler and I enjoy playing volleyball. I actually play volleyball for the school, and I practice everyday to get better and better at volleyball so that I can go up against strong teams. Volleyball was always there for me, there was a quote saying "DON'T YOU DARE LOOK DOWN!!! VOLLEYBALL... IS A SPORT WHERE YOU ALWAYS LOOK UP."

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My Volleyball Journey

I first started playing volleyball in my junior year of highschool, I was introduced to volleyball at a very young age but I never got into the sport that much, I mostly got more into soccer than any other sport. But, in my junior year I started being curious about the sport volleyball because I remember how lively it felt to to play volleyball with other people back in middle school and so out of curiosity, I started watching Haikyuu which is a sports anime based on volleyball. As I kept watching the series, it made me more hooked onto volleyball and there was this one scene where one player blocked the best player on the team and that made me even more hooked onto volleyball. And all the way to now, I've been practicing nonstop, I've been improving slowly but surely, and sooner or later I'm going to reach the peak of my prime having fun and enjoy playing volleyball to the fullest.